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Public Seating embodies the public environment culture. Since establishment in 2003, Baijiang has been dedicated to cultivating and enhancing the public environment culture with its products.
Combined the founder’s painstaking feelings with experience of seating products and environment arts,
Baijiang has got many original designs successfully and then becomes the top one in Public Seats through continuous perfection of workmen on technology and process.
At present, BYSS expands its factory from Panyu to Haixin Sha, participated in the main stadium for the opening and closing ceremony of the Asian Games and joins hands with Spanish ALIS, Italian Lamn and Hanyoo from South Korea to become the first-class public seats in the world.
New era,New environment
Harmonious place
Baijiang is waiting for you.

  Public Seating Solution GUANGDONG BAIJIANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD  粤ICP备17142201号